How Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Works

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy stimulates and supports the body’s own natural healing processes.


When dealing with non-healing wounds, diabetic ulcers, and many other conditions, oxygen is unable to reach the wound due to damaged tissue. US Wound Care & Hyperbaric Centers offers Hyperbaric oxygen therapy to provide the necessary oxygen naturally.

Blood Flow



Blood Vessel


Injury results in swelling and inflammation. This results in decreased blood flow to damaged areas causing tissues to become starved of oxygen. Eventually these oxygen starved areas begin to break down resulting in further inflammation and tissue damage.

Breathing 100% oxygen under pressure greatly increases the amount of oxygen dissolved in the blood. This oxygen rich plasma under pressure is able to bypass the restricted blood vessels.


The oxygen starved tissues are provided with the oxygen that is necessary for the body to begin healing of the damaged areas.


Increased oxygen levels reduce swelling and inflammation at the site of injury while promoting and accelerating the body’s natural healing processes.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy promotes and stimulates the growth of new capillaries within the damaged tissues. This results in new tissue development around and within the wound itself.


These new blood vessels allow even more oxygen to reach injured tissues resulting in accelerated healing.


An optimal environment is created where the body’s own natural healing mechanisms are enabled to repair damaged tissues.