Infusion Therapy

US Wound Care & Hyperbaric Centers engage with strategic partners in your community to offer Specialty & Infusion Pharmacy and infusion suites to treat patients with a wide range of health conditions.  Services include inotropic therapy, anti-virals, IV antibiotics, hydration, TPN, IVIG, biologics and other specialty injectibles.

Specialty Pharmacy

Infectious Disease Consults

Our strategic partners provide access to specialty pharmacy services for patients receiving antibiotic IV therapies at home. In addition, these strategic partners often go one step further by helping to coordinate home health care when needed.


Our strategic partners personalize therapy and disease management regimens to obtain optimal clinical and financial outcomes for each patient. Full-time Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, RNs and LVNs service patients and provide clinical review for infusion therapies.


We also coordinate with some of the premier infectious disease professionals in the area to ensure proper follow-up and management of infected wounds. Our goal is to build a relationship that will ensure that your patients receive the highest quality of care and treatment.