The Treatment Process

A hyperbaric oxygen treatment consists of breathing 100% oxygen in a carefully controlled environment.

In order for the body to receive higher levels of oxygen, specialized equipment is used called a hyperbaric chamber. Providing 100% oxygen under pressurized conditions allows more oxygen to reach the damaged tissue by allowing the oxygen to travel through the plasma vs. just being carried solely by blood vessels (which are often damaged when radiation injury is present).


Saturating the tissue with oxygen over a series of treatments allows new blood vessels to form over time through a process called re-vascularization. Once new blood vessels have formed, oxygen in air at normal pressure is able to reach the damaged tissue enabling long term healing and often permanent resolution of the condition.

Mono-place chambers

Mono-place chambers are designed to treat a single person. Patients breathe pressurized 100% oxygen on a comfortable surface enclosed in a clear plastic tube. These sessions are relaxing and provide added privacy.

Multi-place chambers

Multi-place chambers are designed to accommodate up to twelve patients and are spacious enough for standing and stretching. The hyperbaric chamber is designed with an ‘entry lock system’ which enables technicians to access the main treatment area without depressurizing the entire chamber.  Patients breathe 100% oxygen via a clear hood system. The hoods are large and enable full visibility during the treatment. During the treatment patients may read books or magazines, watch a movie or rest comfortably.

Treatment Time

The time a patient receives 100% oxygen is 90 minutes. Total treatment time is around two hours.



All hyperbaric treatments are under the direct supervision of a licensed physician who is specially trained in Hyperbaric Medicine. Hyperbaric technicians are specially trained in the use and administration of hyperbaric oxygen for the treatment of approved medical conditions.