About Us

Our multi-faceted approach works to:

When you partner with US Wound Care & Hyperbaric Centers, you benefit from our holistic approach to wound healing, including input from multiple clinical disciplines through a strongly engaged physician network.  Our multidisciplinary approach, along with access to advanced healing technologies, is crucial in the management and treatment of complex and chronic wounds.

And perhaps, most importantly, we work to generate profit for you--not from you.


To excel in the wound care and hyperbaric community through trust and commitment to our patients.

Improve Clinical Outcomes

• Treat both in-patient and out-patient

• Preserve limbs and function

• Augment with Infusion Therapy

• Minimize re-admissions due to wound complications

Enhance Operational Throughput

• Minimize “no-shows”

• Increase and improve community physician
  referral base

• Reduce Lengths of Stay

• Manage Revenue Cycle


US Wound Care & Hyperbaric Centers strive to provide exceptional wound care in a welcoming environment by contributing to the health and well-being of our patients through collaboration, communication and education.

Drive Financial Performance

• Create customized, profitable solutions

• Share goals and objectives

• Balance capital and cash flow needs

• Increase referral network